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Marcin SochockiSociologist, University of Warsaw diploma (Institute of Applied Social Sciences). A doctoral of the Youth Research Centre. The author and co-author of several dozens of projects within the field of (quantitative and qualitative) social research concerning education, evaluation of health promotion schemes, problems of young people, the issues of taking drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and others. The author and co-author of a few censored books publications and several dozens of articles in scientific and specialist magazines on, among others, education, evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methodology of social research, the issues of addictions, youth subcultures, health promotion.
At present an editorial meeting member of the "Remedium"* monthly (a specialist monthly within the area of social sciences). A member of the Programme Council and the Organisational Committee of the conference "Prevention evaluation of young people's problems at school and outside it - the conference of evaluators and preventers" (organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science, the State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol Related Problems as well as the National Bureau for Drug Prevention in November 2000), a member of the Programme Council in the ETOH Foundation Educational Centre for Problem Prevention (2000-2001).


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